Speaker's Club

Our unique program is designed to assist young speakers.

Pre Uni Pennant Hills Speaker's Club

Speaker's Club

We've designed a program, "Speaker's Club Public Speaking Program," certified by ASCA and Trinity College London. This program is designed to help your child to develop their oral presentation and essential public speaking skills.

Pre Uni Pennant Hills Speakers Club

Pre Uni Pennant Hills Speaker's Club

Speaker's Club

The course will cover:

  • Self-esteem
  • Sound and Word recognition
  • Sentences (basic structure)
  • Articulation
  • Expression (tone, rhythm, etc.)
  • Body language (the basics – posture)
  • Questioning, informing, narrating and persuading through simple, fun games
  • Role-play (scenarios, puppets, etc.) to help with empathy and social skills.

The course will cover:

  • Confidence
  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Speech structure
  • Types of speeches
  • Dynamic presentation
  • Engaging with the audience
  • The 4C’s of public speaking
  • The Ace Key

The course will cover:

  • Tools of a speaker (Confidence, Body language, Voice, etc.)
  • Speech Structure
  • Types of Speeches
  • Dynamic Presentation
  • Grasping the fundamental difference between demonstrative, informative, persuasive and entertaining speeches.
  • Manage conflict through communications.
  • Understanding the communication process.
  • The 4C’s of public speaking
  • The 4C’s of a public speaker’s mindset and non-verbal skills

Pre Uni Pennant Hills Speaker's Club

Highly Interactive. Proven Method!

Want to develop your oral presentation and debating skills?

Certified by ASCA and Trinity College London, this program will help your child to prepare and structure a speech, choosing the right words, along with learning how to control pauses and fillers. We’re also members of the Australian Speech Communication Association and follow their syllabus.

Pre Uni Pennant Hills Speakers Club
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Pre Uni Pennant Hills Speakers Club

Parent Testimonials

Our Proven System Empowers Students To Excel

As tutors, teachers and educators, we are passionate about teaching the right way. In turn, we want our students to be committed and parents to rest assured that their child's education is guided and supported. Our proven system empowers our students to excel through our research-based learning and teaching methods.

Here are some of our reviews on what parents are saying about Pre Uni Pennant Hills.

My child Alex has been attending at Pre Uni Pennant Hills since year 3. I’m highly impressed with the role Pre Uni Pennant Hills has played in helping Alex on his selective school test! He passed with 220 marks and made it to Penrith Selective High School. I am extremely pleased with the way the classes are conducted. My son was very eager to attend the classes. Christina - Parent

Christina Parent

Thank you Pre Uni College Pennant Hills. My son passed the selective entry test. Any areas of weakness were quickly highlighted and strategies were formed to overcome them. Our son made it to Girraween High and achieved 235 marks on the selective entry test. He gained a heap of confidence and reached his potential through your program. Anik - Parent

Anik Parent

We were delighted with the selective test results for our daughter Karima who passed with flying colours. She made it into her dream school Baulkham Hills High with 252 marks. We would like to thank the teachers at Pre Uni Pennant Hills for all the efforts they have put towards my daughter’s success. The tutor identified her weakest areas and really focused on improving these. The mock exams crucially boosted her exam speed. Lessons were well structured but also fun so she enjoyed the classes. The resources and word lists she was given were invaluable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Ramesh - Parent

Ramesh Parent

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all the teachers of Pre Uni Pennant Hills, for an amazing job you did on my child. The lessons are highly engaging and teachers are really positive and wonderfully inspiring. Denise passed the selective school entry exam with 208 marks! Thank you so much! Marisse - Parent

Marisse Parent

Staff are very friendly and approachable. Teachers are dedicated and will constantly provide feedback to the parents regarding student's learning progress and address any concerns immediately. I can see improvements in my child's confidence in all 4 subjects within the 2 months. Will continue to enrol her with Pre Uni Pennant Hills next term! Teresa - Parent

Teresa Parent

Excellent tuition, very professional. Management is very accommodating. They have selected very good tutors. Couldn’t be happier with Pre Uni Pennant Hills. Adrian - Parent

Adrian Parent


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