Selective School Test
Strategy#1—Explore Different Text Types ( Test Possibilities)

Students preparing for the Selective School Trial Test should try to get familiar with different writing test types. This will help them improve writing for Selective. Therefore, don’t limit themselves to essay writing; go above and beyond to explore new types of writing formats such as:

  • Letters
  • Informational reports
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Story writing
Strategy#1—Learn the Craft (Define the Approach)

That’s right; once students understand the various writing text types, they must now dive deeper to get a hold of each format and style. For example, students should know how to approach different types of texts.

Let’s take an example of the newspaper report writing, which was unexpectedly included in the Selective School Test 2021.

2021 Selective Writing Topic (news report)

A ship container has burst, and all of its contents, party hats, plastic plates and cups, balloons, etc, have been washed up onto the shores of a beach. Crowds of people rush to see what has happened. Write a news report about what has happened. Some ideas you can use are:

  • Describe the beach
  • Give the statements of some of the locals
  • The impact the incident had on the beach and the ocean

As mentioned above, most students were not familiar with this form of writing; they struggled in this area. Some wrote narratives, while others who did write a report didn’t include headlines or witness statements. As a result, the majority of the students scored low in the writing section.

Therefore, when students are exploring new types of writing styles, they must learn how to approach them. When writing a news report, students should break it down into three steps:

  • Start with a narrative to describe the beach, engage senses and stimulus
  • Provide witness statements by describing what the locals on the beach saw
  • Write down facts related to the damage the incident caused to the beach, environment and the ocean

Additional tips as this is a news report, make sure to:

  • Use headlines. You can’t have news without a headline. Headlines are used to sensationalise and grab attention. Hence, students should use headlines to captivate and intrigue readers.
  • Include byline and place (your name, date and where you’re reporting from)
  • Add personal voice to the way the text is written for a personalised touch and a reporting feel
Strategy#3—Build Your Vocabulary

Students need to focus on building their vocabulary. Good vocabulary can get students terrific marks. It allows students to describe things better and in a more engaging way. Therefore, students must pay extra attention to learning new words to enhance their writing pieces in the best possible way.

Strategy#4—Enrol With Us

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